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let’s see…
 l am someone who completely loves water, pure connoisseur.
 l love to sleep and the idea of sleep but l also love activity.  Has always been a major contradiction.
 l LOVE chocolate, travel and a chocolate bar with a view of the sea on a sunny day.  That is life.
 You don’t talk to me, l don’t talk to you.  l don’t enjoy cheap talk.
 Absolutely hate the traditions to the idealized line of life.  Your heart and brain do not beat or wave in a straight line, nor should your life choices in society.
*Any of yall that reblog mutually, please feel free to give five facts about yourself.
Dolce & Gabbana - Detail
The Big Blue
Anna Selezneva in “On The Flip Side” for Madewell, Fall 2014 Lookbook

"You going to share that?"
Mara Hoffman ss2015
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